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Stronghold Risk Management is the elite detective agency representing the investigational marriage between law and technology.

Our team of highly experienced Investigators has extensive knowledge and skill in collecting, analyzing and reporting on digital information using objective, non-biased and legally admissible methods.

We offer all forms of Private, Business and Legal Investigations: personal and domestic matters such as infidelity and childcare; cyber investigations including cyberbullying, reputation management and dossier reduction; background checks, theft, fraud, as well as locating missing persons, witnesses, and assets.

Stronghold Risk Management, LLC, offers experience, training, technology, professional discretion and thoroughness to meet your needs.

Some of the Services We Provide:

Open Source Intelligence, Deep Web and Beyond

At Stronghold Risk Management, we take pride in the services we provide. Our investigators have superior, intimate knowledge of th cyber web and the advanced methods required to obtain and gather intelligence. Let us help you to establish a more accurate and positive online presence while managing the data available online to protect you and your loved ones from the digital era.

  • Our investigators have a tried and true method to legally obtain information from the internet following all Federal and State laws including those that regulate the insurance and legal industry.
  • We work to protect our clients from OSINT threats and risks to themselves, their business, property, assets and information.
  • Whether you are needing to locate information or wanting to manage the information found, Stronghold Risk Management is here for you.

What's the Value of Hiring a Licensed Private Investigator or Private Detective?

One word, Experience. A private Investigator knows the ins and outs of accessing digital information, collecting data/evidence, and following legal procedures to properly locate and document the type of information an average individual can not. Choose Stronghold Risk Management to aid you in your investigative needs. We are currently licensed throughout the State of Texas and hold offices in both the DFW area as well as Austin.

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The Stronghold Assessment

Above all else, Stronghold Risk Management values your right to privacy. Do you know what personal identifying information about you has been gathered and is available to others on the internet? How confident are you that your information is secure and out of the reach of hackers and those who wish to do you harm? Request a consultation and ask for a free snapshot of your digital dossier. This snapshot will give you a better understanding of what shocking information has been compiled about you and is readily available to anyone motivated to look for it.

Each Investigation is reviewed by our Chief Private investigator, Jessica Stephens during your Free Consultation.

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